My trip to Spain – What to see when you are travelling to Barcelona

So guys my 2/3 trip was to Barcelona. I know what you’re thinking right now, like didn’t she just go Berlin? , I flew to Barcelona the week after I got back from Berlin. Also you must be thinking why did she say 2/3, well I had 1) Berlin 2) Barcelona and 3) I will just say, stay tuned as you will find out soon 🙂

Now let’s get to the good stuff. I saw Camp Nou of course! I mean it was the first place I went on the day that I landed in Barcelona, as that same Tuesday night was Barcelona v Atletico Madrid, Quarter Finals of the Champions League. Guys you already know right? I don’t even have to tell you, do I? Okay fine yes, YES I WENT!!! However you can read all about the match and my experience right here.

Now back to the good stuff! Honestly I will get in to it now, but Camp Nou is something to see, even if you are not a football fan. Oh there is just so much to see in Barcelona, it is unreal.

Let’s start with the most intriguing visit, which was the Sagrada Familia. For those that don’t know, this is a large Basilica, which was designed by the Spanish labelled “God’s Architect”, Antoni Gaudi. The construction of the church began in 1882, and Gaudi was involved from 1883 onwards. He devoted the last couple years of his life to building the amazing church. When he sadly passed away in 1926, the project was less than a quarter complete. Believe it or not, the church is still under construction till this day, and the works are suppose to be finished by 2026, marking the centenary of Gaudí’s death.



Gaudi made sure that the pictures and statues symbolised inside and outside of the building, told stories from the bible (shown above).

The inside of the church is just as beautiful and breathtaking as the outside. Every part of the building is attention to detail. The use of stained glass is used throughout the church, which reflects multi coloured rays within the building, on a nice sunny day.



My personal favourite was outside the church, above one of the entrances, which shows the story of how Jesus was beaten and then crucified, in the actual order that it happened in, its incredible (shown below).


Pictures actually do this church no justice, it is something you HAVE to see in life. The ticket to enter the church is below 20 euros, and that is just the standard ticket to enter the church and look around for as long as you want. You have the option to pay 6/7 euros more for a tour guide, but personally you do not really need it. There is also another ticket where you’re able to go high up in the towers to view all of Barcelona, however this is about 10 euros more. I would say that if you visit Park Guell, you do not need to go to these towers, as there are many viewing platforms in the Park to see all the views of Barcelona. I will discuss this later on.

There is also a free museum to view, which is on the side of the Basilica. It includes scale models as well as original pieces of the building. You can also view the original blueprints, and timeline it took till the present day, in terms of the building process. Gaudi’s ‘lab’ is also within that area, where he spent his final days designing everything.


Next up is the tour at Camp Nou!


Something I would recommend as I said earlier, even if you are not a football fan. The stadium is incredible and the tour includes viewing their trophy cabinet, changing rooms, press room, shower room etc and of course you get to walk around the pitch (not on it of course), as well as walking around the stands and sitting within different tiers.

All 5 of Barcelona’s Champions League trophies.


Trophy cabinet.


The pitch.


Changing rooms.


Stairs to the dugout.


The ticket for the tour costs 23 euros. You get to take pictures throughout the tours with a green screen, which can be anything from taking a picture with the whole of Barcelona’s squad, to the pitch and so on. You get to view these pictures at the end of the tour and have an option to buy them, but they are quite pricey.

This is an example of what the green screen pictures look like.


Also there is a exhibition that is set up, near Barcelona’s megastore, where you are able to view how Camp Nou use to look like and how the plans for the new stadium will look like as well. This is free to enter, so make sure you pop in to have a look.

Alright let’s get back to some more Gaudi. Park Guell, which is a public park consisting of gardens and great views. It was a project led by Eusebi Guell, and he chose Antonio Gaudi to design everything. Looking around the park, you will see a lot of recycled materials used in design, which is Gaudi’s signature use with materials. You will also notice the famous multicoloured mosaic dragon, which is a part of the fountains. I refer to the dragon as famous, as the tourist souvenirs also include objects and key rings based on this dragon.

Inside the monumental zone – the fountains.


Bench – which Gaudi designed to be comfortable for your back, as it has the tiles pushing out, so you’re able to position your back well. It also has different words from the bible written on different parts of the bench.


The famous dragon fountain.


Area where the benches are placed. The other side of this area shows the views of Barcelona, which are shown in the picture below this one.


Views of Barcelona from the balcony. The picture does not do the views much justice, but these are the similar views you would get had you paid extra at Sagrada Familia to go to the towers. That is why I recommend that you save your money there and just buy a standard ticket or guided tour ticket here and be able to see the same views.


All of the above is included in the monumental zone of the park, which you have to pay to enter. You can take a guided tour or you can just pay for a normal ticket price. It is 7 euros for a ticket to just enter the monumental zone, and it is 14 euros if you want to add on the guided tour. You can purchase tickets from here before hand, as it saves the trouble from doing so on the day. But if you do prefer to purchase them on the day, you are also welcome to do so at the counters.

I would also recommend to take time to actually view the entire park if you are able to. You can walk up higher towards the mountains, where there are the three symbolic crosses, which were placed by Gaudi (shown below, you can see the top of the third cross on the right hand side).


You can walk up to the top and even stand near the crosses, and you can also enjoy amazing views at the same time, as shown below.


Talking of views, I am now going to move on to another breathtaking place to visit in Barcelona, which is none other than Montserrat. This is a multi peaked mountain, which is known as Spain’s first national park.


On site includes the Benedictine Abbey and Santa Maria de Montserrat, which includes the Virgin of Montserrat sanctuary. Here you are able to light candles.


To get to Montserrat, you need to get to the specific station, where you purchase the train ticket to take you there, as well as choosing between a cable car or another train to take you up to the mountain. The ticket machine will show you the different prices and packages you can choose from. You can also view this through their website here.

You should also visit La Rambla, which is the famous shopping street in Barcelona, equivalent to Oxford Street. It includes the high end stores, as well as the high street stores.


Other places to visit:

Museu Nacional D’Art De Catalunya, which has a famous fountain located on the outside of the building.




Anella Olimpica – the Olympic village 






Barcelona v Atletico Madrid [Quarter Finals of the Champions League]

Barcelona v Atletico Madrid – Quarter finals of the Champions League, first leg, what a game right?

Knowing I was going to land in Barcelona Tuesday morning, the same day as this match, I knew that I had to make every effort to make sure I can get my hands on a ticket. Luckily I was able to purchase tickets through Barcelona’s official website a couple days before. It was a struggle to do so, but I got there in the end. I also surprised my friend with tickets for her birthday, as the trip to Barcelona was for her annual birthday get away. Even though she is not much of a football fan (I am trying to make her one), she enjoyed either way and that was all that mattered 🙂

Right now back to the game. The match started off in favour of Atletico, as Torres scored 25 mins in to the match, however the atmosphere changed when Torres was sent off 10 minutes later (Torres being Torres), as he had received two bookings within 7 minutes. Even though he got sent off, Atletico still held their own against Barcelona.

Later in the second half, even though Atletico looked like the stronger side for majority of the match, it wasn’t long till Suarez scored (63′) to open up Atletico a little. From here it was clear another Barcelona goal was coming, and that’s exactly what happened. Suarez (74′) scored another goal for Barcelona, making it 2-1. It was kind of unfair on Atletico, as they were the better side, however both chances created by Barcelona were great goals.

In the second leg, Atletico came back 2-0 (3-2 on aggregate), which knocked Barcelona out of the Champions League. So I guess they got their revenger on them on their own turf in the end 🙂

Check out the pictures from the night below.

Outside the stadium.


Sign for the away fans.


One of the entrances for the stadium.


Welcome sign 🙂



Dabbing in front of one of the other entrances.


Inside the stadium.


Empty stadium.



As the stadium started to fill up.









My trip to Germany – What to see when you are travelling to Berlin

So it has been a while since I have done a general post, in terms of what I have been doing, and right now honestly it has been holiday season. I took a trip to Berlin for the week, and practically saw everything that had to be seen, which was good. I decided that whilst I am blogging about my trip, I will also mention some places you need to visit, if you ever decide to visit Berlin yourself.

So back to my trip, I saw the Reichstag building, the Berlin Wall/Berlin Wall Memorial, Berlin TV Tower, Museum Island, Olympiastadion Berlin (where I watched Germany v England live), the Sony Centre, Checkpoint Charlie and all the memorials including the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. There were also buildings to view, which had survived the Cold War. These are the places I would suggest to see if you are travelling to Berlin, and even if you are not a football fan, Olympiastadion is a place you should still visit. In terms of the memorials, there are a few of them, which you are able to find and locate on the general Berlin map. This map should be available at whatever hotel you will be staying at, or at any tourist check points.

There was also a street, which had different car dealerships, where you can go in and view the latest cars within Mercedes (including the different classes),  there was also a Volkswagen drive car exhibition – which included the latest Golf, Lamborghini, Bentley and Audi R8.

Below are pictures of some of the places I had visited, as mentioned above. Hope you enjoy viewing them 🙂

Side note: The Olympiastadion pictures are in the Germany v England blogpost, which you can view here.

Sony Centre / Shopping park


Building, which survived the War.

World War tower

Pariser Platz – this is also where the Hotel Adlon is, which is the hotel where Michael Jackson famously dangled his baby, Blanket, from.  Just a side note incase you wanted to also see where that was.


East Side Gallery – the original Berlin Wall , which was covered in graffiti by 118 artists from all around the world.

Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall 3

Berlin Wall 2

Berlin Wall 4

Berlin Wall 5

Touching the original Berlin Wall.

Berlin Wall 6

Some of the Berlin Wall is covered with metal cages, as there are artworks which they do not want touched, however there are other walls which are open, just like the ones included in my photos.

Berlin Wall 7

Only part of the Berlin Wall with no graffiti.


Before the Berlin Wall was knocked down, Mr Gorbachey said “open this gate, tear down this wall”, the famous speech! which they have made a plaque for.


Where the original Berlin Wall was placed. The two lines of bricks symbolises this.


The Reichstag building, designed by Sir Norman Foster. You need to book tickets for viewing inside the building and for the dome. FYI -you can still view the dome within booking the tickets for viewing inside the building. The dome is something to see at night as well as during the day. The parliament is better to view during the day, as it shuts earlier.

Dome 2


Dome 3

Dome 4

The Parliament room below the Dome.
Parliament 2

Dab within the German Empire? Why not 🙂

Parliament Dab

The original library within the German Empire.



Checkpoint Charlie – which is what this area was named by the Western Allies, as it was known for the point where the Berlin Wall  was between East Berlin and West Berlin, during the Cold War. This was the crossing point between both sides of Berlin.


You can get your passport stamped here, however it does cost about up to 10 euros.

Border 2


Inside Checkpoint Charlie’s Museum.


Outside Checkpoint Charlie’s Museum.


Inside Checkpoint Charlie’s Museum.


Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.


Panorama of the Memorial.

Holocaust 2

Other memorials (labelled in the pictures).













Museum Island – you can buy one ticket that lets you enter all 5 museums for 18 euros, which is better than entrance for one museum , which costs 12 euros.

5 museums



Gallery 2

Gallery 3

Inside Pergamon Museum.

Gallery 4

Inside Neues Museum.

Gallery 5

Inside Bode Museum.

Gallery 6

Outside Bode Museum.

Gallery 7

Inside Bode Museum.

Gallery 8

Museum 3

Berlin TV Tower – if you purchase the Berlin card for your entire stay in Berlin, this card allows you discount on different tourist attractions, as well as on food and shopping. For the Berlin TV Tower, you get 25% off with this card.

Berlin Tv Tower

Berlin Tv Tower 2

Views from the top of the Berlin TV Tower.

Berlin Tv Tower 3

Charlottenburg Palace is the largest palace in Berlin. The palace was built at the end of the 17th century and was expanded during the 18th century. The palace was heavily damaged during the second World War, however all these damages have been reconstructed.

Outside Charlottenburg Palace.


Inside Charlottenburg Palace.




Queen 4

Charlottenburg Palace’s gardens.

Queen 5


The Volkswagen drive car exhibition – Cars cars carss!






Germany v England [Friendly match]

I have this thing where when I am in another country, I feel weird if I do not watch a match. I mean what’s better than watching a football match abroad? I already watch enough in the UK as it is. So knowing I was going Berlin the week that it was Germany v England, it was only right that I attended that match.

It was of course my first time attending Olympiastadion, in Berlin, and it was a really nice stadium with a great atmosphere. However with that being said, I was not impressed with the fact you could smoke inside the stadium, and if that is allowed, then yes you guessed right, you were also allowed to drink within the stadium as well. I felt like anything went in the stadium, as it seemed as if there were no rules.

We were sitting with the home side, but funny enough the row in front of us and behind us were full of England fans so you know the banter was gonna be crazy, and that is exactly what it was!

The fans around us kept singing the England chants (DON’T TAKE ME HOMEEEEEE and of course the national anthem) across to the England fans in the away stands, and every time we scored, they just became more manic and loud with their singing. I just kept looking around waiting for the German fans to say something, but they actually didn’t.

Now back to the match, it was an epic one! I say that mostly because England came back 3-2 after being 2-0 down. With goals from Vardy, Kane and Dier, who scored the winning goal in added time. Kroos and Gomez got the goals for the German side. England actually played very well, shockingly, the line up worked well, especially since there was no Rooney, but Kane showed that even though the England captain was missing, the team would not be lacking. Germany were only good on the counter attack, which is where they got their two goals from, besides that, they did not really do much else to be honest.

Overall it was a great result for us, and us England fans were chanting all the way home. The train journey was the funniest as the England fans and German fans were arguing. One German fan tried to mock saying “jingle bells”, which has the same syllables as “England”, which was what the England fans on the train were chanting. Then he went on to say “come on England fans, I can’t hear you”.

The thing I love about football, is that no matter what country you go to, everyone speaks the same language, when it comes to football, not literally of course!

Check out the pictures from the match below.

Outside the Olympiastadion.

Outside of stadium



Home fans bus.




Live broadcast of the match.






The away stand – England fans.





Manchester United v Liverpool [Europa League]

Thursday 17 March 2016

The first leg saw Liverpool beating Manchester United 2-0, so going in to the second leg, there was some uncertainty if United would in fact come back from this. United started off strong with some good chances, which then lead to a penalty being awarded to them, after Martial was brought down by Clyne. From here Martial gave United some hope of getting back in to the game.

As long as United did not concede against Liverpool, they were able to change the result on aggregate, however this was snatched away when Coutinho dribbled and fired the ball to make it 1-1, and 1-3 on agg. It seemed unlikely that United would get back in to the game, as they were not applying pressure like they should of been. Fans started to leave the match from the 80th min onwards.

Now United have to look forward to West Ham away, for the FA Cup replay. They are still fighting to also finish 4th, to secure a Champions League spot.

Check out the pictures from the match below.










IMG_8437 (1)




Kano ‘Made In The Manor’ Concert at Troxy, London

19 March was a very very special night. I say this because it is when Kano returned home to East London at Troxy, to give his fans an unforgettable performance. The show opened with Elijah & Skilliam on the decks.

The show’s first performer was Dave, as he was at what he described as his “first live show”. He was very humble in his approach to the audience, as he thanked the fans for hearing him and also mentioned that it is crazy how he is performing live at Kano’s show, but “has college on Monday”. Check out a snippet of his performance below. He is a talent to definitely watch out for in 2016!

After Elijah & Skilliam’s sick set, the next performers on stage were Dapz, Tempa and SwiftaBeater. These lot did well for their performance, as they kept the crowd engaged the whole time. Check out a snippet of their performance below.

The last performance included Jammz, Mic Ty and DJ Jack Dat.  Jammz and Mic Ty  went back and forth spraying bars, as they had the crowd bobbing along to their energetic performance. Check out a snippet of their performance below.

This concert had everything from Kano’s past music to his current. It literally screamed “Made In The Manor”, as he took his fans through a timeline, starting off with performing his album, with tracks such as “New Banger”, “Garage Skank”, “Flow Of The Year” and “T-Shirt Weather in the Manor”.

Kano kept the night flowing by performing his past tracks, such as “Hustler” and he also brought out his old friend Giggs to join him on stage to perform “3 Wheel-ups”, and the track actually got wheeled up way more than 3 times, but none of us are complaining, as that is exactly what that track deserves. The crowd went ballistic and I even lost my voice when Giggs arrived on stage, it was such a mental reaction from the audience. Check out a snippet from the performance below.

Not so long after, Kano brought out another old friend, which was none other than Ghetts, and honestly the energy levels went even more crazier. Ghetts performed “One Take”, which just had the whole venue roaring with excitement. I thought bringing out Giggs and Ghetts was such an iconic touch to the concert overall. Check out the snippet from Ghetts performance below.

Kano went off stage at one point, and all the lights in the venue turned off, making it pitch black with only phone lights being visible, In a literal sense, it was as if you were looking at stars in a pitch black sky. Then the crowd began to chant “Kano! Kano! Kano!”, I was yelling out “Encore!”, hoping Kano ran back on stage. Then within two minutes, Kano announced on the mic “Sorry guys I went to get a drink”, and then he came back on stage to take it old school and perform the legendary tracks; “P’s and Q’s”,  “Brown Eyes” and “Boys Love Girls”. Check out a snippet of “P’s and Q’s” below.

Overall it was an excellent concert and everything about the show was perfect. Nothing would of or could of been done better, as that is how good it was. I really admire Kano opening his show with the new generation of artists, and then during his show he brought out the legends. It was a nice touch, as every aspect was covered.

Long Live Kano, Such a legend!

Check out some pictures from the night below.












after 12




NEW MUSIC: PND ft Drake – Come And See Me

PARTYNEXTDOOR has released a new track, where he has called on none other than Drake for a collaboration on “Come And See Me”, which is taken off PND’s upcoming album ‘P3’.

The mellow track is produced by Noah “40” Shebib. PND teased his album before dropping the new track, as you can see below.

Listen to the new track below.

Arsenal v Olympiakos [Champions League]

29 September 2015

This match had a significance for me as my friend who I went with is from Greece, and with that being said of course you knew she was an Olympiakos fan. I was going as a general football fan, but I will not share what I wanted the score to be. Let’s just say I left the stadium feeling happy!

Everyone knows away tickets, especially with Champions League, is a tough one to secure, therefore luckily enough for me I was able to get tickets for the home side, so yes we sat with the Arsenal fans, which was not so bad. It did get bad though, when my friend kept celebrating every time Olympiakos scored. We even started to get funny looks and you know what Arsenal fans are like, just watch Arsenal Fan TV!

The final score was Arsenal 2-3 Olympiakos, and what a match is was. 5 goals in a champions league match, so straight away you already knew it was a good match. Both sides did play well, but at the end Olympiakos kept pressing on Arsenal which is where they had the advantage. Goals from Arsenal included; Walcott (35′ minutes), Sánchez (65′ minutes) and from Olympiakos Pardo (32′ minutes), Ospina (40′ minutes og), Finnbogason (66′ minutes). Sanchez managed to give Arsenal hope when he scored, however this was tarnished when Finnbogason scored just a minute after sealing the win for Olympiakos.

Check out the pics from the match below.





Manchester United v Midtjylland [Europa League]

Thursday 25 February 2016

18 February was a hard day for all Man United fans, as this was the day we will always block from our memories. This is because we were beaten by a team, which was formed in 1999, which is also the same year Man United won the treble. We lost 2-1 in the first leg of the Europa League, against Midtjylland, or on social media more famously known as Miget Land.

Going to Manchester was a tricky one for the second leg, as I was not sure what I was walking in to. All I wanted was for us to beat Midtjylland, and indeed that is what we did. This match had everything from a penalty missed to a penalty scored, to an OG and even to a player being sent off. Romer from Midtjylland got sent off in the 89th minute.

The final scoreline was 5-1 with goals from Bodurov (32′ og), Rashford (63′ , 75′),  Herrera (87′ pen),  Depay (90′). With Sisto (27′) getting Midtjylland’s only goal in the whole match. Overall Manchester United won 6 – 3 on Aggregate.

The next leg we see Liverpool at home, as in the first leg against them, we lost 2-0. Stay tuned to find out what happens in Old Trafford on Thursday.


Check out pictures from the match below.














Chelsea v Sunderland [Premier League]

19 December 2015

This was the first match after Jose Mourinho had been sacked, but yet the Blues were chanting Jose’s name all around the stadium. Chelsea had a poor record at this point, as they had way more losses than wins. Incase you forgot or needed a reminder about Mourinho’s sacking and record at Chelsea check it out here.

Going in to this match, on paper Chelsea were definitely a team that should of won, but given that they had been so inconsistent, it could of gone either way. The final score was 3-1 to Chelsea with Ivanovic (5′ minutes), Pedro (13′ minutes), Oscar (50′ minutes – penalty) scoring the goals. Borini (52′ minutes) was able to give Sunderland a consolation goal in the second half.

Overall Chelsea did play a lot better then they had prior to this match. With that being said, Sunderland have not been good this season either, so for Chelsea to not beat Sunderland, there would of been a huge issue to address.

Check out the pics below from the match.





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