Jess Glynne Releases “Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself”

Jess Glynne gets us ready for the summer with her new song “Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself”, which was played  for the first time this morning on Capital, and has already received positive reviews on social media.

Jess already has two solo number one’s on the Vodafone Big Top 40, I’m sure this track will be heading for the same success.

Listen to the track below:

The Wait Is Over… Rihanna’s BBHMM Video Is Here!!

After the long wait! the very long wait! Queen RiRi has released the official video for her single ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’. She premiered a preview of the video at the BET Awards a few days ago, which created even more anticipation.  Now you can watch it as much as you want below:

Backstory for the video

If you thought that the video was just RiRi being her bad ass self, you may be surprised to know that this video actually has a backstory to it. Back in 2008, Rihanna funded her music and videos through her own money without her knowing so for her ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ album,  as her manager Marc used her money for her projects,  as Def Jam were not investing in her at all.

Her manager decided to make this move as he wanted Rihanna to break in to the world-wide market. This caused Ri loads of financial issues in the long run. Following this Ri also filed a lawsuit against an accounting firm Berdon LLP, on the grounds of mismanagement of her money. She had $11 million in cash at the start of 2009, and at the end of the year was left with $2 million. The firm did not inform her that her ‘Last Girl On Earth Tour’ was actually losing money, and on top of that they were taking 22% of her revenue, which is way more than the standard 5% they are meant to take. She sued them for $35 million, but it was settled at £10 million. At least it was settled in court and not by the hands of RiRi herself!!

Queen RiRi is the biggest selling digital artist of all time!!!!!

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced today that Rihanna has gone past 100 million Gold & Platinum song certifications, therefore that places her at number one on RIAA’s list of artists with the highest Digital Single Awards. This also means she is the only artist to surpass RIAA’s 100 million Singles Awards.

“Gold & Platinum is the industry’s premier way to celebrate achievement in the marketplace,” said Cary Sherman, Chairman & CEO, RIAA.  “We’ve given awards to artists for nearly 60 years, but it’s rare that we have the opportunity to recognize a milestone like the one Rihanna has reached.  Congratulations to Rihanna!  She has not only surpassed RIAA’s one-hundred million mark, but also is the first artist to do so.  It’s an historic feat and a testament to an extraordinary career.”

Even though Rihanna hasn’t released an album since ‘Unapologetic’ in 2012, this hasn’t stopped her success in the industry, as her singles; “FourFiveSeconds” went 2x Multi Platinum and “Bitch Better Have My Money” went to Platinum.

Long live Queen RiRi, that Rihanna reign just won’t let up!

Watch the trailer for “Bitch Better Have My Money” below.





Kanye West’s headline performance at Glastonbury!

After all the protests of wanting a rock band to headline Glastonbury instead of Kanye West, which included over 134,000 signatures for the petition, he still had an incredible turn out for his performance. Even Kanye was annoyed by this petition saying how it was an insult to music fans all over the world.

Apparently before his performance there were rumours that he would have guests featuring, however Kanye felt he could put on a show without anyone, but he still had others by his side helping him put on an iconic performance, you just didn’t see them on stage with him, just Justin Vernon, who joined him on stage for “Lost In The World”, and “Hold My Liquor”. Daft Punk’s sample of “Stronger” was played, as everyone rushed towards the stage to see Kanye grace the stage. This was a symbolic song to start with as the chorus is “that that don’t kill me, can only make me stronger”, which the crowd heard loud and clear, and that definitely silenced all the petitioners!

The performance was running smoothly until Lee Nelson, who is a comedian turned prankster, ran on stage as Kanye was performing his forth track of the night. From what he tweeted later, it seems he did that to Kanye for the fact that Kanye did that to Taylor Swift back in 2009 at the MTV Video Music Awards. As Lee was escorted off stage by security guards, Kanye continued to perform “Black Skinhead”, but then decided to start the track again, as he was thrown off by that stunt.

Kanye was lifted up on a platform to perform “Touch The Sky”, “All Of The Lights” and “Good Life” but before he surprised the crowd by doing this, he had walked off stage whilst saying “that’s not what we rehearsed in the dressing room”, which left the fans confused on what was about to happen next. That’s the thing about Kanye’s performances, no matter what, you will always get more than a regular performance, you will become a part of his music world, with all his visual and creative effects that he uses on stage, leaving you satisfied with his performance.

If Lee Nelson wasn’t the only thing not amusing Kanye, there was a banner in the crowd, which featured a picture of his wife Kim Kardashian, from her famous sex tape with Ray J, as you can see from the image below. The banner played on a lyric from Kanye’s “Gold Digger”, where he says “Get down girl, go head get down,” however the banner said “Get down girl, get head get down.”

Kim K


Kanye briefly performed covers of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and Bon Iver’s “Woods”. He closed his set with “Gold Digger” and “All Falls Down”, then he told the crowd; “You are now watching the greatest living rock star on the planet.”

You can watch the entire performance on BBC iPlayer. Check out the 30 track set list for Kanye’s performance below:

Niggas in Paris
Black Skinhead
All Day
I Don’t Like
New Slaves
Blood on the Leaves
I Wonder
Woods (Bon Iver cover)
Lost in the World (with Justin Vernon)
Hold My Liquor (with Justin Vernon)
No Church In The Wild
Jesus Walks
Diamonds from Sierra Leone
Bound 2
Only One
Touch the Sky
All of the Lights
Good Life
Bohemian Rhapsody
Can’t Tell Me Nothing
Gold Digger
All Falls Down

A$AP Rocky & Wiz Khalifa Announce Co-Headline UK Arena Tour

A$AP Rocky and Wiz Khalifa have joined forces to announce their 16 Day Trip UK Arena Tour in October. The tour starts in Nottingham on Tuesday 13th October. They will be performing in Liverpool, Birmingham and London, before reaching Manchester on Monday 19th October.

With A$AP already having the success of two #1 albums on the Billboard charts, as well as always receiving praise from fans and the media,  he is definitely known as one of the most critically acclaimed rappers in the industry. Away from music he is always respected for his style, as he was recently named in GQ Magazine’s ’20 Most Stylish Men Alive’.

Alongside him you have Wiz, who has continued to be successful within his career, as his recent single “See You Again”, which featured on the Furious 7 soundtrack, has set the record for most streams in a week in 26 countries, which includes the UK. With these two put together, this is a tour you do not want to miss out on!

Tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday 3rd July at .

Apple’s WWDC 2015.

With the boom of streaming services over the past year, and the launch of Tidal this year, everyone was anticipating how Apple would strike back once they launched their own music streaming service, and finally they announced it during WWCD 15. They have gained the support of popular musicians in the industry such as Drake, who explained on stage what Connect was for Apple Music and The Weeknd, who performed his latest track at the end of the conference. Throughout the conference they kept showing pictures containing The Weeknd’s content.

abel faces




The Weeknd with Tim Cook.

The Weeknd performing ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ at the conference

They also have on board DJ’s such as Zane Lowe and our very own Julie Adenuga, which is amazing news,  congratulations to her making big movements!

JME showing support for his sister via Twitter below.


Apple Music will be launched June 30 2015.

The 10 most important announcements Apple made in a nutshell were:

– OS El Captain: With one touch you can mute random music that appears to play when you have various tabs open, without searching for where it is coming from. Split screen feature, so you can have more than one window open at once and the rest you can have listed on the side of your main window, which is open at the time.

– Metal for Mac: Making everything you do faster. 40% greater rendering efficiency, zoom is made flawless, Adobe are happy with the results of the software and want to use it with their programme. Richer 3D worlds are able to be created in games.

iOS 9 : When you plug in your headphones, your music automatically launches.  It gives you a location and a suggestion of who it could be if you receive calls from a random number.  Popular video searches are supported from the likes of Vimeo, YouTube and can be directly watched from search result.

– Siri is proactive now: If you ask Siri to remind you of a certain message or want to request to view a certain picture it sets a reminder, and shows you straight away. 1 billion requests for Siri on a weekly basis.

– Apple Pay: Coming to the UK in July and is available on 250,000 merchants, which is more than the US started with.

– Maps: Includes Transit, this means it shows all the train lines and bus lines on your maps and tells you the distance and best route to take to get where you need to go, even walking distance included. This makes the maps more specific and detailed.

-News App: New app to be introduced through the new update soon available. Content created using custom layout. It is fast, fluid and labelled by Apple to be the best mobile reading experience. You swipe to get through each article and are able to bookmark to read later. Photos, videos & animations all included in articles.

– iOS 9 on iPad: New task switcher, full screen preview of all apps that are open. Single finger swipe to bring in another app whilst you are on one already. Split view screen and you can move and use both windows at the same time. You can watch a video, and move it around, whilst using another window, all at the same time.

– CarPlay: This allows you to develop apps to control the features on your car.

– Saving the best for last – Apple Music: Tim Cook mentioned “We’ve had a long relationship with music at Apple and music has had a very rich history of change, some of which we’ve played a part in.”

They mentioned that the three main areas for Apple Music were:

– Revolutionary music service: It includes human-curated playlists meaning it’s quality is much better than any algorithm could attempt.

– Global radio station called Beats 1: which will function 24 hours, and is run by Zane Lowe. It will be broadcasted to New York, Los Angeles and London and you are able to listen for free, even without subscribing to the streaming service.

– Connect: It is allows unsigned artists and artists in general to upload anything they feel to, and consumers can directly access the content.

The App store has now passed 100 billion app downloads. Even though it was introduced 7 years ago. Apple just keeps on getting more powerful.

[ ]

Watch back all the performances from Hot 97’s Summer Jam

This year’s Hot 97 Summer Jam festival stage included the likes of Fetty Wap, Chedda Da Connect, Teyana Taylor, B.o.B and DeJ Loaf. If that was not enough, Ty Dolla $ign, Chris Brown, Big Sean, Faboulous, Trey Songz, Omarion, Kendrick Lamar and Meek Mill all graced the stage as the headliners.

The highlights of Summer Jam included Ty Dolla $ign bringing out DeJ Loaf and Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown bringing out G-Unit and French Montana, Kendrick bringing out ScHoolBoy Q. Fabolous also had his own mini concert when he brought out Lil Kim, Ma$e, Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Mobb Deep, Method Man & Red Man, The Lox and Raekwon – all repping for NYC.  Meek Mill brought out Future and Nicki Minaj, and before she left the stage she told Meek she loved him and he responded with “I love you too baby.”

Below are videos of the performances at Summer Jam


Big Sean performing:

Meek Mill brings out Big Sean, Future & Nicki Minaj:

Omarion performing a new track:

50 Cent performing with French Montana & Chris Brown:

Fabolous performing with Black Rob, French Montana, Busta Rhymes & Chris Brown:

Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Redman & Method Man, Mobb Deep, Lil Kim & Raekwon:

In past year’s Summer Jam was experienced for free, but that was not the case this year, as it was streaming exclusively on Tidal. Despite that, social media managed to keep us in check with all the happenings, including Summer Jam’s special feature Snapchat, which included snaps from backstage, the public who attended and of course the performances.

Inside the Met Stadium seemed like a movie, shown by the picture below.

Met Stadium

However, even though it seemed like it was the place to be, there were riots that occurred outside the MetLife stadium as a large amount of individuals were not allowed in. The footage accidentally made it’s way onto the Summer Jam Snapchat story and can be seen below.

riots 2

riots 3


[ ]

Fabric Live – Tropical Gang (JME, Preditah, Logan Sama etc)


The last time I went Fabric was a while ago, so I was anticipating on this event, as I knew it would be a good night, and well it definitely was, I mean any Grime night is a good night :)

I was counting down how long it would be till JME would grace the stage, as I have been listening to his album Integrity non stop, so to hear it live would be amazing.

Prior to him performing, Slimzee & Flowdan were on stage, and knew how to keep the crowd buzzing. The DJ sets that followed were really good, as they took it old school to Dizzee Rascal’s Boy In The Corner tracks, to P Money’s ‘Gameover’ , and if P Money was played, that was of course followed by OG’z.Then the latest in Grime was played, such as Stormzy’s ‘Know Me From’.

Throughout the night in between the DJ sets, they kept playing the instrumental to JME’s track ‘Pulse 8′, which I thought was a great touch, as it created the anticipation for his performance.

When JME graced the staged, I had made it to the front by then, and of course the mosh pit had started too. Everyone was so hyped up to see JME, and I was like of course 10x more hype, I couldn’t stop smiling.


JME performed tracks from his album such as ‘No You Ain’t’,’96 F**kries’ and  more, and he brought out Skepta on stage with him for ‘Don’t @ Me’, and then Skepta went on to perform ‘That’s Not Me’.

(JME performing ‘No You Ain’t’)

(JME performing ’96 F**kries’)

(JME & Skepta – ‘Don’t @ Me’)

(Skepta performing ‘That’s Not Me’)

When JME performed ‘Man Don’t Care’, which features Giggs, I was not expecting for Giggs to actually be there! The crowd did not either, as everyone pushed towards the stage and were screaming when he came on stage with his bright white jacket. He performed his verse off the track and then he left the stage. I think it was such a good performance, and what made it better was by JME bringing the artists to join him on stage, it made the performance that more memorable, that if you missed out, you would be regretting it because it was a nice surprise. However even if JME performed on stage alone, I still know it would of been a great performance, as he is a great artist.

(Giggs performing his verse for ‘Man Don’t Care’)

Below: Pictures from the night taken by me





IMG_2736(Skepta, and JME behind him)

IMG_2740(JME and Skepta)

J.Cole Live In London at the O2 Arena

When arriving at the O2 Arena for the concert, there were long queues for each entrance, showing clearly that the concert was sold out. The last time J.Cole was in London was for his show at Hammersmith, where he announced that the next time he was in London, he would perform at the O2 Arena, which is exactly what he did.

The opening acts

London showed Pusha T a lot of love whilst he was performing on stage, as they knew every word for each track he performed. He performed ‘New God Flow’ and ‘Runaway’. Everyone was standing up, no one was seated as they enjoyed the rapper’s performance. He ended with ‘Move That Dope’ and his verse on ‘I Don’t Like’. The crowd were energetic the entire time.

(Pusha T performing ‘New God Flow’)

(Pusha T performing ‘Runaway’)

Pusha T

After a 15 minute intermission Jhene Aiko appeared on stage in her iconic long dress. The crowd welcomed her on stage by lighting up the dark arena with their phones, setting the mood for her smooth performance. She told the crowd; “Flawless and perfection is what you are expecting, I’m not gonna give you that , it should be about connecting with the audience, so I’m going to express myself and give you that.”

Jhene Aiko

She performed her verse on Omarion’s hit ‘Post To Be’. her verse from Drake’s ‘From Time’ as well as performing ‘The Worst’, from her EP Sail Out. She ended with ‘Spotless Mind’ from her album Souled Out.

(Jhene Aiko performing ‘The Worst’)

(Jhene Aiko performing ‘Post To Be’)

Personally I believe Jhene Aiko is a talented artist, however her vocals live and her stage presence are not good. Even when she opened for Drake last time he was in London, she had the same issue. So hopefully next time she is in London, this could be improved as she is a good artist, therefore her live performances can then be strengthened.

By the time J.Cole graced the stage, all the seats were filled, everyone had arrived to see the main event of the night!


He started of his performance with ‘January 28th’, going in order of his latest album 2014 Forest Hills Drive. His stage set up included a black banner on the DJ decks table saying Forest Hills, and he had a backdrop, which was of his background on his album cover, to create the whole theme of his album visually on stage. As he performed the whole album, he narrated the whole way through, as the album is the story of his life growing up, so before each song, he told the story of the song he was performing and why it was created. This is something that has not been done before, so the uniqueness and originality that this concert contained is what made it such an incredible performance.

(J.Cole performing ‘Fire Squad’)

For his track ‘St. Tropez’, he told the crowd that he needs to share something with them. “I have to be honest with you guys, I have to let you know something, I don’t even know where St Tropez is, I just know it is for rich people, so this song is a metaphor.”

J. Cole went on to say “It comes from coming from a small city, small town mentality, you see places like St Tropez, London, Paris etc and you tell yourself you want to go there one day, it is a dream, people are stuck in a small mentality. they don’t leave the town their in.”


This song is suppose to represent J. Cole breaking that small mentality as he left home as a teenager to go to New York to make his dreams in music come true. He explained to the crowd how he went through a hard time, as everyone kept turning him down, even when he had MySpace he messaged every record label and no one listened. Now he is here today, so he went on to say; “Never give up and now karma has come back around as people even from London send me messages saying to listen to their music, as it is the hottest shit out there and I actually go on SoundCloud and listen to their music, and it is shit, I think I wasted 42 seconds of my life that I wish I could get back, but either way, never give up your dream as someone will believe in you.”


Then J.Cole went on to talk about the first music he put out, including ‘The Warm Up’ and ‘Friday Night Lights’, so then he went on to perform the classics ‘Lights Please’, ‘In The Morning’, Nobody’s Perfect’, and then he said it’s time to continue with the album schedule again.

He continued to perform the album with ‘G.O.M.D’.

(J.Cole performing ‘G.O.M.D’)

He then performed ‘No Role Modelz’, where he told the story of Hollywood females, majority of them being a certain way, and he was not holding back anything as he mentioned the track was in fact about “hoes”. He  went on to tell the story of a particular woman who was on Instagram , and it was full of pictures, which made guys thirsty, and he even said “You see a thirsty n***a like me would be on that Instagram too” and he acted out the last picture she posted as he said “her bathroom was messy as hell, like I was thinking the least you could do is clean it up, but she was holding the camera high to get the angle right and was wearing this thin lingerie bikini outfit, where if you zoom in you could see 3% nipple, and she had a caption that had nothing to do with the picture, and I was thinking damn she can read, she’s perfect.” Then he explained if you take off everything she had on her face, that was artificial, she wasn’t nice at all and he wanted to help her but he did not, and this song was for her.

(J.Cole performing ‘No Role Modelz’)



After he finished the album he thanked the crowd for being so amazing for him and then he went off stage, as the arena went dark and a few people starting making their way out, I knew the night was not over, as he still did not perform a few classics. I was right as he came back on stage a minute later to perform ‘Can’t Get Enough’, ‘Work Out’ and ‘Power Trip’. He said he saved the best for last as London was the best show he had done for his European tour.

(J.Cole performing ‘Work Out’)

(J.Cole performing ‘Power Trip’)

(J.Cole saying London was the best show)

I cannot wait for J.Cole to come back again to London, because each time he comes back, he gets even more better as a performer. Everything about him, from his energy, to his stage presence, he is so talented and incredibly humble.

JME – ‘Integrity>’ Review

From JME always being my favourite UK artist, I have always anticipated each album that he has released, so when he announced he would be releasing a new album ‘Integrity>’, I was counting down the days till I could hear what he had recorded, as I knew he could never disappoint.

Even though he is my favourite artist, I have never been biased when it comes to music, so if something is not up to scratch, I will always make sure I analyse why. However with this album, there is definitely no negative feedback and that is my honest opinion!

Check out the track listing below for Integrity>:

Pulse 8

96 F**Kries

Taking Over



Same Thing

Amen ft. Skepta, Frisco, Shorty & Jammer

Again ft. D Double E

Break You Down ft. Big Narstie

The Money ft. Wiley

No You Ain’t


Man Don’t Care

Don’t @ Me ft. Skepta & Shorty

Test Me


Each track on this album is one to listen to, like seriously, you won’t skip any of the tracks, because each track will grip you in from the start.  Starting with ‘Pulse 8′ and ending with ‘Integrity’.

’96 F**kries’, ‘Taking Over’ and ‘Man Don’t Care’ ft. Giggs, which was recently released with a music video, are tracks we are all familiar with, as they have all been released. However there are many more tracks on the album which include some great features; such as ‘Dont @ Me’ ft. Shorty & Skepta, ‘Break You Down’ ft. Big Narstie, ‘Amen’ ft. Skepta, Frisco, Shorty & Jammer, ‘Again’ ft. D Double E and ‘The Money’ ft. Wiley.

As JME says “If you don’t wanna dance to the beat, then bob your head to the beat”. With this album, you can literally do both! Each track is a head bobber from start to finish.

I really like ‘The Money’, because it addresses the music industry, with Wiley and JME sharing their thoughts as artists on where they stand. Below are lyrics from the track.

“I know A&R’s that made certain artist’s but they never made me”  – Wiley.

“I got a sick flow and I know what I’m worth, I’m not a thick soul just roaming the earth” – JME.

‘Don’t @ Me’ is a track that I think we were all expecting from JME, given how when some people on Twitter annoy him, he usually says he has to block them, so the track is  self explanatory, with Skepta & Shorty who also have their say too. Such a energetic track.

‘No You Ain’t’  is a track I can imagine being played in the club, which will make everyone go hype. My first thoughts  for this track was, what a banger!!!!

‘Again’ has such a classic Grime vibe to the track, from the production to the flow’s of JME & D Double E.

‘Amen’, which features the majority of BBK, also has that classic Grime element, with the energetic production alongside the fast flows of each artist. It has a Garage influence to the production as well, as if the track is taking it to the old school Garage/Grime days. This track unfortunately is a short one!

Integrity is such an inspirational and genuine album from JME, truly Grime influenced, just like all his material, and he has always been true to the genre and culture of Grime.  JME deserves credit, so much credit for this album, as he is truly a role model figure in my point of view for the scene, from everything he has accomplished to how talented he is. I hope he truly does go further with this release, as an independent artist, with all the hard work he puts in, he truly deserves it! As he says “The only day I don’t put in work is the 30th of February” –  JME – ‘Work’.

Watch ‘Man Don’t Care’ ft. Giggs below: 

Buy Jme – Integrity>







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