@NegoTrue – Daddy Are You Proud Of Me? (Spoken Word)

Nego True shares the live rendition of ‘Daddy Are You Proud Of Me?’  with everyone through Link Up TV. The use of the piano and violin adds to the emotional impact created by the powerful words shared. Definitely a talented individual to watch out for.

Watch the video HERE




LIVE REVIEW: The Weeknd In The O2 Arena, London

Abel Tesfaye, more famously known as The Weeknd, returned to the UK for his fall tour, Kiss Land, for the first time in the O2 Arena for his one night sold out show.

This show was the last of his Kiss Land Tour as he said to the audience “We have not done one bad show at all”. So it was clear to be a memorable night. Zane Lowe and Banks were the opening acts for the show, and they did a great job getting everyone hyped for the night.

The stage set up resembled the Japanese theme of his Kiss Land album with loads of bright bold coloured traditional Japanese spoken videos and advertisements shown throughout the show on the screens, which the live band was surrounded around.

The show kicked off with ‘Adaptation’; where Abel, dressed in all black, appeared on stage behind a gloomy hung curtain, which got pulled down as he continued to perform Love In The Sky’. He then went on to perform his earlier material including ‘What You Need’, which the band, alongside his smooth vocals, sounded intoxicating and sexual.

This sexual theme continued as he performed ‘Kiss Land’ and the screens projected raw lesbian Japanese porn to accompany his explicit lyrics.

While Abel mixed his current material with his previous, the crowd sang along to every word, as when he pointed the microphone to the crowd, they could of performed every song without his help.  He was overwhelmed by the atmosphere and said “I never makes songs without thinking what the UK would think”. In light of this he stated ‘Wanderlust’ was made for the UK and then he went on to perform this, which had the crowd dancing along to the upbeat 80s track, resembling Michael Jackson’s vibe and pleasantly mellow vocals. Abel is a very energetic performer, as he never stayed in one position on stage.

The show ended with an intimate moment with Abel and his fans as he asked for the lights to be turned off and for everyone to light up the arena with their phones and lighters. Before ending the show with ‘Wicked Games’, he stated “I will return to the UK every fall tour every year, I have plenty more music coming for you, as the UK is very important to me”.

The Weeknd will be returning to the O2 Arena in March as Drake’s supporting act.



You made me feel

Just a little something I wrote:

Felt so closed up inside,
Felt like I didn’t know how to feel,
Felt as if I had no emotions,
Like I didn’t sense anything

What could of made me feel this way,
What could of made me feel so lost,
It was of course a situation,
A situation where I gave it my all,
In return received hurt and disappointment

My walls had been brought back up,
Forever holding my cards close to my chest,
Would I ever feel safe again?
Would I be able to feel emotions again?

That’s when you came along,
You made me feel so confident,
Just when I thought I didn’t feel anything…

I started to feel butterflies,
I forgot how good that feeling felt inside,
You made me trust again,
You made me understand again,
You made me feel safe again,
Safe to be able to bring down these walls I had built…

I was able to just be me again…

Pusha T Album Cover Revealed!!

Kanye West revealed two album covers for Pusha T’s new album ‘My Name Is My Name’. Both covers are designed by DONDA and the first cover features a barcode on a white background, whilst the second cover features a blacked out image of Pusha T’s upper body with this head tilted back. The two covers are very unique and received positive feedback on Twitter.

My Name Is My Name will be released October 8 and will feature artists such as Kanye West, Future, Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar and Chris Brown.

Cover One:

pusha t cover 1

Cover Two:

pusha T cover 2



It seems that Drake and The Weeknd are back in the studio together once again, even though they fell out over speculation that The Weeknd did not sign to the rappers label. However the singer denied these rumours.

Drake posted a photo of them two in the studio with the caption “@abelxo SCARY THINGS”.

The Weeknd had told Complex that Drake was okay with the decisions he made therefore the speculation over why they fell out was not true. Drake also commented on the matter on EVR Radio by explaining that the XO singer was going to do something that he knew would be the right decision and he is supportive of that.

Hopefully we should be hearing another hit coming from the OVO and XO collaboration.


NEW MUSIC: Ciara releases snippet for new video!!

Ciara had already created a buzz after her single and video ‘Body Party’ and since then she has been going hard with promotion for her new album. Now she has released a snippet for her new single ‘Super Turnt Up’. This black and white video expresses an alter ego of Ciara, where she expresses herself as a rapper rather than just a singer.

Watch the snippet below:


Kanye West Vents On Twitter About Leaked Video !!

The other day, Kanye West’s video for his single ‘Black Skinhead’, off his Yeezus album, was leaked online. However the rapper has confirmed on his Twitter that the video is not the official release, but will be officially released next week. He also has claimed in his tweets that him, alongside Nick Knight, have been working on the video for 5 months.

The rapper’s venting session on Twitter as shown below:

Kanyee tweets

Rihanna Performs At Twickenham Stadium - 'Diamonds' Tour

LIVE REVIEW: Rihanna Diamonds World Tour, London!

Rihanna is the youngest individual to headline a concert at Twickenham Stadium; yet another lifetime achievement. She told the audience, “You’re watching the youngest person to ever touch this stage,” as she made history as part of her Diamonds World Tour. I attended the Sunday show, and David Guetta was the opening act and had the crowd partying hard…

Rihanna’s classy stage set up with marble pillars and chandelier visuals complimented her outfit as she appeared on stage in her iconic black Givenchy outfit to perform an anthem off her ‘Unapologetic’ album, ‘Fresh Off The Runway’. Even though a quarter of the stadium was empty, the atmosphere felt like the concert was sold out again.

During her performances, Rihanna was very sexual in her stage presence as she performed ‘Birthday Cake’, Pour It Up’ and ‘Cockiness’, where she performed a stripper-like routine, grabbing her crotch, which may of stunned the parents and children in the audience – but it was expected.

‘Umbrella’ lit up the stadium with flashing phone lights and umbrella’s in the air, showing how much of an impact the smash hit still has.

Rihanna had seven outfit changes throughout the night, which set the mood for the tracks she performed and kept the element of surprise going.

Aside from performing her pop hits, the singer had to take it back to her (mid) roots, performing ‘No Love Allowed’ and ‘Man Down’. The ballads definitely had a calm aura radiating around the stadium, where it was clear to see how vocally talented Rihanna actually is. During her performances of ‘What Now’ and ‘Stay’, I felt every word of the songs, and goosebumps soon appeared.

‘We Found Love’ turned the stadium in to a party before she wrapped up the concert with ‘Diamonds’ in dedication to her Father for Father’s Day; a rare, vulnerable personal moment for her.



LIVE REVIEW: Beyonce in O2 Arena, London

Even though the tickets were expensive, people still went out of their way to see Queen B in concert as her tickets sold out very quick, leaving a few girls heart broken as they missed out.

I was very excited to attend the concert because I knew that she was one to definitely put on a show with her highly rated stage presence, as her hubs Jay Z has said countless times, that his wife is the best performer to date.

The stage set up was very creative as it had Kanye West’s planning behind the productions, so it was already known to be epic.

The stage was lit up bright with sparkles of lights coming down to resemblance fireworks and a white theme, seeming almost heavenly.

She appeared on stage performing her anthem for woman ‘Run The World’, followed by ‘End Of Time’. Through the night, after she performed some songs, she would go off stage for a costume change as a short movie can be shown to the audience.

She performed her classic hits such as ‘Baby Boy’ and ‘Naughty Girl’, accompanied by visuals of Vegas casino night and the stage lit up by fire. Beyonce’s strutted all she has on stage and definitely left a great impression on the audience. She committed to every dance move performed on stage with all her energy and effort.

The highlight of the night was when she was strapped in to a vest and travelled across above the crowd to her second stage. The crowd looked in awe at the amazement of the unique touches on the concert.  On this stage she performed ‘Irreplaceable’, ‘Love On Top’ and ‘Survivor’, then she was strapped back in to the vest to return to the main stage.

When Beyonce performed ‘Grown Woman’, she was blindfolded by the dancers for her dance sequence, which left the crowd speechless again, to show how talented Mrs Carter really is. The visual of glitter falling on the audience was a lovely touch as the audience felt a part of the show.

A tribute to Whitney Houston was performed as Beyonce sung ‘I Will Always Love You’, clearly expressing her talented vocals.

She wrapped up the concert with ‘Halo’, which brought the heavenly aura to an end as the night was over.


Jay Z Is Releasing A New Album ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ Next Month!

During a commercial for Samsung, which Jay Z appeared in, it was revealed the rapper would be releasing his new album ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ next month.

The video for the commercial shows Jay Z speaking with Rick Rubin, Swizz Beats, Pharrell and Timberland on what he wants to hear on his album.

The partnership the rapper has with Samsung Galaxy will allow the Samsung users to download an app, which will allow them to receive the album for free, three days before the official release date, which is July 7.

It seems very soon for Jay to release his album since Yeezus and Born Sinner are new releases, who knows what the rapper had in mind.

Watch the commercial below: