An evening with Zeon Richards and Twin B

I have not posted anything for a month as it had been a very busy one with exams and more assignment deadlines. However to lighten the load of everything recently at Uni, for my A&R lecture, we had two wonderful guests joining us. I was looking forward to that day as soon as I knew who was attending.

It was Zeon Richards, who is known for representing Wretch 32 and George The Poet, and we also had Twin B joining us, who is the A&R Director at Atlantic Records, as well as having his own breakfast show on BBC 1Xtra.

Both guests shared their stories of how they got to where they are today. It was very inspiring and at the same time very refreshing. I say this because most of what they spoke about, I could relate to. They spoke of Grime, and Grime is my number 1 genre (hence why Grime has to always be written with a capital G, the respect must be given). Even though in the industry there has been speculation that Grime isn’t what it was anymore, you will never forget where it originated from and all the clashes, freestyles, the pirate radio shows,  I mean when Eskimo Dance was raw. Those were the days!

So as they were going over their journey, I was literally smiling the whole way through, as it was nice to cover the journey of artists such as Kano, Dizzee Rascal, and so on. Look at how far those artists have come now, it truly showed that hard work does pay off. From the wonderful guest speakers we were able to understand the process of A&R, that it does not have to be something you plan to go in to, but something that could come naturally to you, maybe whilst you are helping a friend to progress in the industry, this is what happened to Zeon Richards, and now he has made his career out of it, so it is inspirational.

Even with Twin B, his passion for music got him to where he is now, he always had an ear for good talent, as a DJ it is something that usually comes naturally, so it is nice to see that his journey lead him to a great career.

Twin B and Zeon Richards were just so humble, I think that was what was the most intriguing thing for me. In the industry usually when people reach a level of power they will act a certain way, but when you come across the people who have put in the hard work to reach success but they seem to be  the same humble individuals that they always were, it is very refreshing to see. I realised this as I spoke to Zeon Richards, I never got to talk properly with Twin B, but hopefully will another time.

Banks – Goddess Album Review

When I first heard Banks music, it was at The Weeknd’s concert in November 2013, as she was one of the opening acts. I liked her vibe as it was very alternative, and I am a very big fan of alternative music. Her vibe was also very similar to The Weeknd’s, who is one of my favourite artists.

This album is different, as it does not sound like anything I have previously heard, which is a good thing. I have a few favourite tracks, which are;

- Waiting Game; This track has that dark Lana Del Ray type vibe.

- Brain; This track has that zoned vibe.

-This Is What It Feels Like; Her vocals are very different on this track, and this makes the track that much more intriguing to listen to.

-You Should Know Where I’m Coming From; The piano accompanying her voice shows how talented her vocals are on this track.

- Stick; Banks switches up her vibe to a more upbeat flow and tempo,  the track has that R&B kind of vibe.

-Begging for Thread; This track is very alternative and upbeat.

- Change; This is an alternative R&B track.

The album is very different in terms of the production to how she flows on each track.That is what makes this album unique, as each track is different from the next. I would recommend this album to be listened to, especially more than once. I believe if there is a track you don’t like, there will still be a few tracks that you will like, as there is so much variety to make you more interested in listening to the whole album.


Drake Releases Two Unreleased Singles

Drake releases another two unreleased singles to accompany  ‘How About Now’, which was leaked on SoundCloud earlier in the week.

The two tracks are ‘6 God’ and ‘Heat Of The Moment’. ‘6 God’ has a vibe of ‘Worst Behaviour’ , as Drake is rapping the whole way through, whereas in ‘How About Now’, Drake switches to his more mellow side, as he is singing the whole way through. Both tracks are very different from each other.

In my personal opinion I would listen to both tracks separately, not one after the other, as you do get thrown off a little. This is because you hear Drake go from rapping to a much slower vibe, where he is singing. Usually this is how it is with him, but with these two tracks, it just does not flow listening to them together. After hearing ‘6 God’ you just want to hear Drake rap, especially when hearing these two singles one after the other.

My favourite of the three singles has to be ‘How About Now’. ‘6 God’ is good and ‘Heat Of The Moment’ still has to grow on me.

Heat Of The Moment;

6 God;

And if you haven’t heard How About Now already;




We Heroes Now By Nego True – Spoken Word

Nego True returns with his powerful spoken word with ‘We Heroes Now’, directed by Jamal Anthony and edited by none other than Nego True himself. (These two are extremely talented!!!)

Nego brings back his touch of violins and piano to accompany his insightful words, as he challenges your mind to think deeply, while he paints a picture, expressing everyday challenges and facing them head on.

He shares his words of wisdom, which unknowingly consumes you, to bring you back to reality. This is truly something special that everyone can relate to on a personal level..

As he says “We Heroes Now”..

Watch the video below;



Track of the week

Hey Guys!

I just finished writing a case study about The Weeknd, who is one of my favourite artists. Whilst I was writing my case study, this required me to dig deeper with my research and just when I thought I could not love The Weeknd any more than I already do, my love grew even more. He is just so talented, as he is a very creative individual. His aspect and outlook on issues is intriguing.

So my track of the week is The Weeknd – Rolling Stone.

The singer said the video was based on;

“The Rolling Stone video takes place in a dimly lit studio which represents the two worlds I have been stuck in. The gloomy side represents the mainstream world while the other side represents the underground. The girl holding on represents you.” (NME Website, 2012).

Just amazing!


Tinashe – Aquarius Album Review

I had previously heard one or two tracks from Tinashe and I knew straight away it was clear that she was a talented individual. So when I knew her album ‘Aquarius’ was due for release, I knew I had to listen to it.

When you first begin listening to her album I feel like the vibe is set out straight away. It is great how each track flows in to the next one, so you keep on that same zoned out vibe, with a twist brought by the upbeat productions, plus her change in flow.

Her smooth vocals glide over the productions, then she switches up her flow, as the productions becomes more energetic.  She has a few features on the album which includes; Future, ScHoolboy Q, Dev Hynes and A$AP Rocky. Her interludes help keep pace for the album.

There is variety within all the tracks, which I feel helps to make it a great album to listen to. She has her mellow tracks to zone out to such as ‘Bet’ , which if you are a fan of The Weeknd or PND, you will love, as it has that whole alternative R&B vibe all over the track, so does  ‘Cold Sweat’ as well.

Then she has the club bangers which is ‘2 On’ (video was released earlier in the year),  ‘How Many Times’ (which Future goes a bit OTT on in my opinion, he needed to take it down a notch),  ‘All Hands on Deck’ and ‘Feels Like Vegas’.

She has her R&B tracks such as ‘Aquarius’, ‘Far Side Of The Moon’, ‘Thug Cry’ and ‘Bated Breath’. ‘Wildfire’ has a Pop/Dance/R&B vibe to the track, it’s very alternative.

Overall her album is highly recommended to listen to. I feel this album is  better then Jhene Aiko’s Souled Out album (had to be said sorry Jhene!). In terms of the quality of the tracks to the productions to the lyrics to the variety in the album, this is such a quality filled album, I was very impressed.

Aquarius is out now. 








Wiz and Amber’s bitter end, who would of thought it?

We all know that Amber Rose has filed for divorce from husband Wiz Khalifa. The assumptions on why this had happened has been floating around on social networks.  Amber Rose decided to take matters in to her own hands to set the record straight on her accused infidelities.

A few days ago she tweeted;

” Please stop with the fake stories. I would never ever ever cheat on my husband in a million years I think u guys know this…..”

“Unfortunately my now ex husband can’t say the same….”

“I’m devastated and crushed but my main focus is Sebastian. Thank u for all the support in this difficult time.”

Amber Tweets


Therefore it seems that Wiz was the one that was unfaithful to Amber, which is why she had filed for divorce under ” irreconcilable differences” . It seems all very out the blue as the couple was always known to be very loving towards each other in the public eye, which led to them being married and having a child.

There are still so many assumptions as sources have said Wiz just felt like not being married with Amber anymore, to Wiz did not want Amber to accompany him on his Under The Influence tour. Amber had discovered Wiz in bed with two twins when she showed up one night, but Wiz claimed they were already broken up by then, so he had done nothing wrong. The picture of the twins has been shared across the internet. It seems there has been tension in the marriage since Wiz has been acting this way, but I have to say I did not think it would of been this bad.

Christina Milian has reached out to Amber via Instagram with some words of encouragement to let her know she is not alone.  She posted up a picture of both of them with the caption; “You are one Cool Fierce Ass Sexy B-tch! I can’t wait to see what your future has in store! So thankful for your friendship and having a REAL Chick to call a friend. GIRL POWER! Get Ya Life Boo!! #Milf! xoxo.”

It’s nice to know that Amber is not alone in this situation. We are yet to see what happens next!

Chris Brown ‘X’ Album Criticised

When I first heard ‘X’, based on my review of the album, it was clear I was impressed by the work he had put in. However not everyone felt that way.

The other day a range of reviews were released and it was not all good for Chris Brown. It seemed his album was rated average. Below are the critics comments posted by the Rap Up;

Los Angeles Times: Though it sags toward the end, the long-delayed X contains some of his sharpest work, including the propulsive “Time for Love” and “AddMe In,” a chewy soul-funk tune in which he accents his vocals with percussive gasps a la Michael Jackson. 2.5/4

The New York TimesX is one of his least ambitious releases. … [“Fine China,” “Love More,” and “Loyal”] are the standout songs in what’s primarily a sea of mediocrity.

New York Daily News: Thanks to producers like Diplo, the album features EDM-style club beats and motifs. But other than those on the prerelease smash single “Loyal,” the synth blasts here lack the savvy and appeal of the ones employed on the excellent Fortune. Many are watered down by soggy pop. 2/5

USA Today: Without losing sight of his core audience, Chris Brown makes some commendable, if measured, steps toward a more mature sound on his sixth album, X2.5/4

TIME: It’s hard to get a handle on X because so much of the album is spent trend-chasing. … The overall impression is that of an artist whose guiding light is commercial performance, rather than any sort of creative aspirations or overarching identity.

It seems that the Media are still not impressed with anything that Chris Brown has to give to the fans. The singer has been struggling with the media ever since his situation with Rihanna, which stunned the public a few years ago. Since then Chris Brown has apologised and has even gone to rehab etc, to attempt to sort out any issues he had, yet it seems some individuals will never see past this to actually see how talented he really is.


‘Souled Out’ Album Review

Jhene Aiko’s studio album was very anticipated for a while now, as she had been featured on various artist’s singles and had not previously released an album, but a mixtape and EP.

Listening to the album I feel like she does have her usual alternative R&B touch on her singles, however there are a few singles on the album which I was quite disappointed with, as I thought she could of done better overall.

However the whole album is not so bad, as there are a few singles which are good and worth to be put on repeat. My favourite single on the album is ‘Wading’, as it is such an intoxicating track with her soulful vocals, and it is the classic Jhene Aiko we all know.

‘Eternal Sunshine’ is another soulful track with her vocals gliding over the piano chords. ‘Brave’ has that dark Lana Del Ray feel to the track, whilst ‘To Love & Die, and ‘The Pressure’ has that 808’s type of feel.

Her first mixtape Sailing Soul’s was definitely her best, followed by Sail Out, as both featured great singles.

It is a chilled out album that you can zone out to, I still recommend the album as it is worth the listen.

 Souled out is out now 

‘X’ Album Review

Chris Brown’s album ‘X’ has been such an anticipated album from when he first released his single ‘Fine China’. Now we had the pleasure of listening to his album and it was worth the wait!!

I have to say this album needs more then one listen, then you will be constantly listening to it on repeat,as there are so many tracks on the album to grab your interest.

The album has 21 tracks, with each track sounding different, with Chris Brown’s usual touch on each one. You have the R&B tracks combined with the club bangers. He has a few artists featured on the album including; Brandy, Jhene Aiko, Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj, Aaliyah, Akon, R Kelly, Rick Ross, Usher and of course Tyga and Lil Wayne. Okay so I know that is more then a few features, but they all work well on the album.

I actually like the whole album, however the tracks that stuck out to me, excluding the tracks that have already been released on the album, would have to be ‘Stereotype’, ‘X’, ‘Lost In Ya Love’,  ‘Drown In It’ and ‘Do Better’.

It is an album you can listen to whilst you’re driving somewhere, whilst you’re playing on your PS4/Xbox, whilst your even working if you want to be cheeky, and of course it can be gym music too.  It actually grows on you that much. This album is definitely one of his best ones. I highly recommend you listen to it, even if you are not a fan of Chris Brown.

‘X’ is officially out 16 September.


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